Key steps

  • 1. Evaluation

    We carry out interviews, field observation surveys, and data analysis in order to produce a roadmap tailored to your needs.

  • 2. Training

    We will teach you about the principles and methods inspired by Lean Management. “Comprehend to perform” is our motto.

  • 3. Workshop facilitation

    From theory to practice, we put the Lean principles in practice for your project/construction work/agency.

  • 4. Operation

    We carry out follow-ups so you can achieve your objectives. Skill transfer is at the core of our service solution.

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LeanCo Training

The Lean management basics

Get started
with Lean training

Every company seeks to improve in order to boost performance. For example, some may seek to increase customer satisfaction rates. The crux is to identify the means to get there. At LeanCo, we have full awareness of the benefits of the Lean approach for your company. If you are aware of performing time-consuming or redundant tasks, then Lean management might be just what you need… If you believe you can improve, but that your teams’ engagement in the field is limited, then Lean management is definitely for you! Whether you are a construction manager, in charge of a design department or a business leader, get started with Lean training right now!

A training agenda
to fit your needs

First we need to perform an evaluation.
For us, this step is required to understand the nature of the issue you are facing. Depending on the results, we will offer a training programme over the course of 1 to 3 days.
The contents will include the fundamentals of the Lean approach, and a selection of methodological tools that fit your context.

Additionally, we will organise dedicated workshops for your construction work or your organisation.
Any other relevant parties can of course be invited. Finally, our formula extends to cover your entire project. That is, from the requisite transfer of skills up to the full achievement of your objectives.

concrete results

Thanks to Lean training, you can expect to cut your delays, shrinking construction time by 10 to 30%.
With this approach, the production flow for construction contractors will be streamlined, generating production gains. At the design departement, you can reduce administrative processing time by around 10 to 20%. This is of course accompanied by a cut in delays from the start of a project to its implementation. (Reduction of Lead Time, the latency between order and delivery)

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Frequently asked questions

  • Before getting started with the approach, we will discuss your objectives, your needs and your vision. We then adjust our accompaniment to your needs, and propose a customised schedule, with deliverables at each step of the process.

  • It’s never too late to get started with Lean. However, the earlier our intervention on a project, the more apparent the results are. We tailor the deployment of the method to the context of your project, so that you will be at your best and gain visibility.