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Manage and track claims efficiently

Everything begins with the purchase of a flat or house, which quite often is the real estate project of a lifetime. After several months of construction work and considering the investment that represents, your customer receives the keys to the estate. A few months after moving in, issues pop up: a shutter that doesn’t close, traces of moisture… The occupant complains to the real estate developer, who will do everything in his power to fix the issue as soon as possible. That’s usually when difficulties start to appear. Administrative delays and the numerous round trips between involved parties bring the process to a crawl. That is, even before arranging the schedule for repair works, and tracking progress on each claim… a bit of a nightmare! How about using dedicated software for tracking them?


Save time in the resolution process for defects 

For these reasons, in LeanCo Resolution users can file a warranty claim right away from a smartphone. The relevant manager (real estate developer, trustee, lessor…) is immediately notified, and can forward the request to the party in charge of the repair work. Then, the electrician, for instance, makes time slot offers directly to the occupant to set the appointment. The occupant will then be asked to rate how well repair work went, on four criteria. This step also plays the role of customer signoff.


Upgrade your administrative process with software designed for real estate

With this software, the overall time you have to spend on a warranty claim shrinks to about 15 minutes. By contrast, the average in the field is usually around 2 hours. Furthermore, and as communication is smoother, the delay from filing the claim to customer signoff is considerably lower. In average, it is cut by a factor of 2 to 5. Finally, a dashboard is available for data analysis. You will find: the number of warranty claims per housing, per project and per work assignee, the average reaction time of your contractors, the average defect resolution delay…


Key steps

  • 1. Setup

    Start by describing your project: housing lots, customers contact information, trustee, contractors.

  • 2. Dispatch

    Just assign incoming claims to the corresponding contractor.

  • 3. Tracking

    You can track the progress on each defect in real time.

  • 4. Feedback

    Continuous improvement is at the core of our solution. Analyse your data to identify optimisation areas.

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“The LeanCo Resolution app brings a real time gain in the transmission and follow-up on guarantee of completion requests by our clients, whether they come from homeowners, or from tenants who live in housings purchased from us by lessors.”

Julien Brossollet • Deputy Technical Director, ADI

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