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LeanCo: At the core of Lean Construction

Let’s make construction simple.
These are the words that have accompanied us since the beginning of this journey beside the main actors of the construction industry. LeanCo was born from the following consideration: “Existing project management tools are still inefficient for their end users.”


LeanCo Planification

In the beginning, the first members of our team get to work on the outlines of a possible solution, LeanCo Planification. We draw inspiration from the time-location diagrap and the Lean philosophy.
A few months later, we release software that can address the main issue builders are facing: to meet their deadlines.
After conclusive initial testing, we quickly take steps to deploy the software at scale. Its usage is recreational and wins user over at the first use.


LeanCo Training

As true ambassadors of Lean Management, in parallel to software development, we elaborated a training curriculum dedicated to our clients in the construction industry. The practical exercises we put together allow to touch on, and illustrate notions such as continuous improvement, 5S, Kanban and other Lean fundamentals.

LeanCo Performance

After being joined by new team members, we revisit one of our first ideas: time study. The goal is to produce a means to break down and minute in real time the tasks carried out on a construction site. Now fully functional, LeanCo Performance allows to distinguish tasks with actual added value from those that hinder productivity.


LeanCo Resolution

In 2019, the acquisition of a new software component is in sight. This time, it will have to tackle an issue faced by real estate developers. “How to make handling warranty claims simple?” That’s where KerForHome comes into play. Today, rebranded LeanCo Resolution, it meets that need. To this end, it brings together the concerned parties responsible for handling warranty claims in newly delivered real estate.


LeanCo Planification 2.0

To meet the more specific needs of our partners, we are releasing a second version of our planning software. More geared to supporting professionals in the field, it is attracting a greater number of users. At the same time, we are starting to market our solutions on a large scale.

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That your construction sites are placed under the sign of a simplified construction. Be sure that every day, we continue to work on it!

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