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Analyze to manage your time efficiently

When you work on a project, your dearest wish is to satisfy your customer. You want to have the building ready for handover before the deadline, with a high level of quality, and most importantly staying within the initial budget.
However, with time, you might notice that things drift out of sync from the schedule, and that time is lost. This is due to malfunctions in work stations. What actually happens is that 50 to 80% of the tasks performed at a work station do not create value. Objectives aren’t met, and require overtime work.

In other words, you cannot always avoid insufficient quality levels and overtime. That’s when time study comes into play!


Let time study guide you

In order to set up continous improvement on a work station, whether it is about productivity, quality or safety, the first step is a complete evaluation.

With LeanCo Performance, you can ergonomically measure any work station, with a task assigned to one or several workers. You can of course configure the entire taskset of the work station beforehand. Beyond work stations, you can measure the performance of a crane or even that of a construction manager.

application chrono-analyse

Examine measurements and improve work stations

With the mobile and tablet application LeanCo Performance, first of all you have a precise stopwatch, with data being saved instantaneously, to measure a team of workers (the application is optimised for up to 8 workers). As soon as your measurement ends, you will have access to an aggregated rendition of them.
You will gain between 2 hours and a day of post-processing of the data in a spreadsheet. Lastly, a dashboard is available It allows to identify in a glance the areas of improvement to optimise your work station.


Key steps

  • 1. Setup

    You begin by configuring the tasks and work stations.

  • 2. Survey

    You can now start watching a work station by assigning tasks to the workers in 2 clicks.

  • 3. Analysis

    The data are now available. You can survey it by navigating the dashboard.

  • 4. Improvement

    Ultimately, you can define improvement areas from the generated data.

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“With LeanCo’s time and motion study application, no more of the stopwatch and pencil! Everything is automated and we can observe a work station in real time using our tablet computer. This tool is simple, visual and educational, and it compiles the results and highlights at the touch of a button.”

Maxime Asseline • Former Lean & Continuous improvement engineer, Bouygues Bâtiment International

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