LeanCo Planification is a SAAS software package based on the Lean construction methodology. The aim of this software is to plan differently in order to optimize site lead times.

Divide the time spent on creating and managing your schedule by a factor of 3, using a tool that is highly appreciated by professionals.
Save an average of 2 months on your worksite deadlines by eliminating idle time, visible directly from the digital schedule.
Increase your margins by 40% by making your deadlines more reliable with the software's functionalities.

Key steps

  • 1. Creation

    Everything begins with the creation of your project!

  • 2. Setup

    You define a zoning description and implementation sequences.

  • 3. Usage

    Your schedule is ready in less than an hour!

  • 4. Project management

    You manage your schedule and follow performance indicators.

  • 5. Collaboration

    The dashboard and schedule are shared with all participants.

  • 6. Improvement

    Now you can analyze your data and capitalise on that to improve for your next project!

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LeanCo Planification

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Let’s first examine this fact: 80% of construction deliveries are late.
When it comes to delays, 30% of the entire construction time can be cut. Reasons for this are numerous.

First comes lack of anticipation, with staffing that does not match the workload, and supplies that aren’t delivered in time.
Then, we routinely note poor planning, which leads to poor coordination with contractors who arrive too early or too late.
Finally, we noticed insufficient communication about the expectations of, and issues encountered by each party.

Build and manage

LeanCo provides its clients with a platform that allows to intuitively build and manage time-location diagrams, also called taktplanning.

The interface is recreational to use, and brings together all participants around the creation of their own schedule.. This method fosters communication and faster decision-making.


By integrating the geographic dimension into your planning, idle times become obvious at a glance.
To reduce them, it’s easy: adjust parameters such as staffing, zone size or task duration.
After that, you will be sure to deliver on time! During project execution, a dashboard will display construction work progress in real time. Additionnally, you will have a vision over the remaining buffer, delay causes and many other indicators. Finally, this data will allow you to take the best possible decisions early on.

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Frequently asked questions

  • The interface of LeanCo Planification has been designed for being picked up easily and quickly. A short training session could help take the full measure of the available features.
    N.B.: a user guide is also provided!

  • A time-location diagram is a schedule that includes the geographical dimension into task scheduling, hence its name. It has been in use for decades in public works such as roads or bridges, and turns out to be quite powerful when adapted to the scheduling of construction work.

  • The first benefit from using a time-location diagram is how simple it is to create. As you will start thinking in terms of flows rather than just tasks, you will need 5 to 10× less time to devise your schedule. Moreover, it will be extremely pleasant and easy to read, and most often understood by everyone instantaneously. Finally, its strength is in the immediate analysis you can perform on it. The optimisation opportunities will be apparent right away: idle time cuts, production operations smoothing, bottlenecks… As many things that are impossible with a Gantt diagram, which does not make flows apparent.

  • Using tools that are dedicated for your use case is important. Using LeanCo Planification will allow you to build your time-location diagram quickly and following a specific method, yielding a high-quality deliverable. Moreover, throughout your project, you will enter a continuous improvement loop, owing to the data aggregated as you go.

  • LPS or Last Planner © System means scheduling is driven by the agent at the end of the decision chain. It is a collaborative tool, designed for scheduling and managing prodction. This tool’s philosophy can me summed up as “the one who does is the one who knows”. The method involves a contribution by the “Last Planner”, that is, the person performing the task (e.g. a team leader), to short-term scheduling within the project. This takes place during iterative sessions where all “Last Planners” meet. This allows for fine-grained coordination and quick resolution of stumbling blocks.

  • Thanks to LeanCo Planification, you can create your time-location diagram, manage it, sign off on its tasks, and update it. The generated data is accessible though an elegant dashboard, which will accelerate decision-making concerning improvement initiatives. It’s like a car navigation system for managing constructrion work! You will also be able to manage and share with all contractors the reservation schedule for delivery zones and lifting gear available on your construction site.

  • Ideally, your teams should already know about the Lean approach or time-distance scheduling. Should this not be the case, we can offer to perform dedicated individual or group training sessions. These prerequisites guarantee good understanding of this scheduling method, and what specific issues need analysis.

  • Any contributor to a project could be interested by LeanCo Planification:

    – The project manager: for scheduling and day-to-day project management

    – The agency head: to get an overview of the advancement of each project, detect and correct potential deviations from objectives.

    – The specialised company: to track progress on the construction sites they work at, and keep up to date with potential changes in their schedule. To notify the project manager of stumbling blocks that could slow down work.

    – The project owner: to get a precise overview of project advancement and keep the sales team informed about project milestones.

  • The project contact can invite as many people as desired on the platform, and grant them each the rights that match their functions. Here are the available rights to pick from:

    – See or edit the entire project

    – See the dashboard

    – See or monitor the schedule

    – Invite new users

  • This software is originally designed for the construction of various buildings including offices, lodgings, retail outlets… However, some public works projects do use it, so why wouldn’t you?

  • As soon as your order is received, the project is created! You will receive an e-mail to create your account, and all that will be left is let the software guide you.

  • The schedule can be exported as a PDF file, with many customizable parameters. Additionally, a meeting summary and the whole set of indicators will be available to you to export under the same format.

  • For now, LeanCo Planification does not interface with other software, for lack of any identified need. However we are attentive to your thoughts and needs, and interfacing with other software solutions is conceivable and feasible.