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The planning software that meets the demands of your construction work

Let’s first examine this fact: 80% of construction deliveries are late.
When it comes to delays, 30% of the entire construction time can be cut. Reasons for this are numerous.

First comes lack of anticipation, with staffing that does not match the workload, and supplies that aren’t delivered in time.
Then, we routinely note poor planning, which leads to poor coordination with contractors who arrive too early or too late.
Finally, we noticed insufficient communication about the expectations of, and issues encountered by each party.


Build and manage intuitively

LeanCo provides its clients with a platform that allows to intuitively build and manage time-location diagrams, also called taktplanning.

The interface is recreational to use, and brings together all participants around the creation of their own schedule.. This method fosters communication and faster decision-making.


Accelerate decision-making

By integrating the geographic dimension into your planning, idle times become obvious at a glance.
To reduce them, it’s easy: adjust parameters such as staffing, zone size or task duration.
After that, you will be sure to deliver on time! During project execution, a dashboard will display construction work progress in real time. Additionnally, you will have a vision over the remaining buffer, delay causes and many other indicators. Finally, this data will allow you to take the best possible decisions early on.


Key steps

  • 1. Creation

    Everything begins with the creation of your project!

  • 2. Setup

    You define a zoning description and implementation sequences.

  • 3. Usage

    Your schedule is ready in less than an hour!

  • 4. Project management

    You manage your schedule and follow performance indicators.

  • 5. Collaboration

    The dashboard and schedule are shared with all participants.

  • 6. Improvement

    Now you can analyze your data and capitalise on that to improve for your next project!

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“Several strong points here: the recreational interface, the ease of access, the comfort when navigating the menus. The method is straightforward, with clear prerequisites before completing each step.”

Didier Lallemand • Head of Accident Prevention, Vinci Construction France

“The graphic design and ergonomics make it a pleasant tool to use. The ease with which the schedule can be built, the visual feedback on each contractor’s needs, and the focus on bottlenecks make LeanCo Planification a particularly effective tool.”

Quentin Briantais • Lean Construction Engineer, Spie Batignolles

“When I used the planner software, I thought it catpured exactly the Lean planning method I had experienced in construction with the use of Post-it®. Collaborative planning in the sequencing phase has become enjoyable and very visual.”

Thierry Lomenech • Director of operational development, Cardinal Édifice

“As a Lean referent, for a long time I had been looking for a tool that could deploy and monitor the Lean approach on my construction sites. With the LeanCo Web app, it’s now a reality! Time-location diagram creation has become very simple and entertaining.”

Yolaine Perrot • Former Lean referent, Bouygues Bâtiment CPI

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