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Let’s make construction simple

Our solutions take after the Lean approach: they let you optimise your construction schedule, boost productivity, and maximise customer satisfaction. Welcome to Lean Construction.

Our solutions

Our solutions are based on the Lean approach and are helping to reduce the construction site deadlines and to increase the contractors productivity. Your clients are also increasingly satisfied with the Lean construction

Icone Formations

LeanCo Training

You will learn all about the Lean Construction

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Icone Plannification

LeanCo Planification

A collaborative platform online to optimize lead times and costs

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Icone RĂ©solution

LeanCo Resolution

Save time in managing the garantee of perfect completion!

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Icone Performance

LeanCo Performance

Observe, measure and analyse the workstations performance

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Our users

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The logical process inspired by the lean

But what is lean?

Find out all about Lean Construction in our infomation video presented below

The LeanCo good vibes

Our software programs are made according to our values, naturally shared by the whole LeanCo team


We make a point of building a good and natural business relationship. For instance, we use to speak by using the french "tutoiement"


Every new training program and every program software is designed to simplify your problems, in your activity and your particular business sector.


LeanCo has been developped in opposition to the "that's just the way it is" paradigm. Our main commitment is to bring some fresh and innovative solutions for the construction projects.

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